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Posting Rules

Post  ▐♥Jeff♥▐ on Fri Jun 18, 2010 7:08 pm

Yo guys, Lately some of our topics have been getting WAYYY off topic. So Im here to tell you some posting Tips/Rules...

1. Think About your post, This can mean Is your post worth it. Will it help/answer the topic in anyway?
2. Does it sound like a conversation? If it seems like you and another member are having a discussion back in forth relevant or irrelevant to the topic itself. Please, PLEASE take it to the PM'S this screates spam and just boosts your points.
3. Remember. It's the quality Not quantity of your posts that count. Meaning It's not how many posts you have. But how helpful/meaningful it is.
4. Rep. Dont flame/Hate on anyone. This can cause someone to go on a -rep spree.

Follow theese rules and Everyone will have a good time!

+rep please


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