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Post  ▐♥Jeff♥▐ on Wed Jun 16, 2010 6:07 pm

Uh Oh, Looks like someone Left Bob The stickman Outside again So lets play some good Old-Fashioned Hangman
To Play You PM Me the Letter, Or the Phrase You Think It Is. The Catch Is, Each Member Has only 1 Guess at the Phrase And 1 Guess at the letter. So You have 2 Guesses together. If someone gets One letter Right I will Add it to the phrase for all to see. You can work With each Other VIA Pm to figure out and solve The Riddle However If you work together both members must PM Me saying you wroked together. For A correct letter guess you get 5 Points, If you correctly guess the phrase you will recieve 15. New Game added when old one is solved.

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