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Red Dead Redemtion Mod

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Red Dead Redemtion Mod Empty Red Dead Redemtion Mod

Post  Mista Mugglez on Fri Jun 11, 2010 6:33 am

This is for free roam/multiplayer.

Use your multiplayer save for this, since this is a multiplayer save mod.

This gets you level 50.

I HEXed it. I used a Float To HEX Converter
and that pretty much helped me find the EXP. Just type in how much EXP
you have into the box that says "CLEAR" at the end. After that click
"Not Rounded" and then use the number after "Hexadecimal" after "Single
Precision". You'll use the first 4 numbers in that box and search HEX
with them typed in. Then you'll change those 4 to "497424". Which means
you'll start 1 byte before your current EXP. I'm not going to make a
detailed video tut for this. So if you don't understand, I can't really
help you. This is just a rough tut for the people that know what
they're actually doing.
Mista Mugglez
Mista Mugglez

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Red Dead Redemtion Mod Empty Re: Red Dead Redemtion Mod

Post  ▐♥Jeff♥▐ on Fri Jun 11, 2010 6:43 am

Where is the actual save?


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