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The Code Game

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The Code Game

Post  ▐♥Jeff♥▐ on Wed Jun 16, 2010 6:01 pm

Hi Guys, Jeff here with our First official "Arcade" Game. See How this Game Works Is Im Going To Write A secret Message In Code Using alt and my numeric Pad. However, I use Windows So Yours Might not Be the same at mine For example when I press alt and 1 it makes this ☺️. Ok Guys, Whoever Guesses The Code right In A PM To be Gets 30 Free Activity Points... Ready The Code Is

J♥️ff ☺️♣️0 u◘♥️r ♦️w♥️♣️om♥️

Ok guys, Decifer that Code and PM Me the correct Phrase
Players That Have Currently won.


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